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Rabu, 20 April 2011

TECHNOLOGY : Flex Display Phone

The Flex Display Phone, designed by Hank Chien-Cheng Chen, is one of those cell phones. The way it folds into itself and still isn’t thicker than a normal cell phone is genius. The way it is designed will enable us to, once and for all, get rid of those pesky, humongous and heavy laptops.

I feel the design of this concept phone could certainly be taken a bit further. The keyboard is a bit yesterday, and the outer shell isn’t exactly stylish either. However, I like the cool and unique way to fold it out to enable a larger and brighter screen that will give you plenty more space to create, run or play your apps. The new iPhone 5 is said to be getting a complete overhaul, and yet there is no word on how it will look, run or what the revolutionary features (according to Apple) will be. The future is truly exciting, and I can’t wait to see the OLED become the next cell phone display.

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kat celah tang mana la ustaz jumpa maklumat2 teknologi nie ye?

huhu~ menarik sungguh. ;)