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Isnin, 31 Mei 2010

TERKINI PALESTIN : Konvoi LL4G "Hilang"!

Ustaz Hassanuddin, Pengasas Aqsa Syarif, yang juga Mahaguru saya turut berada bersama-sama 10 rakyat Malaysia lain dalam konvoi tersebut.

5.15PM tadi, Ustaz Iswan maklumkan beliau menerima maklumat dari Mubarak (anak Ustaz Hassan). Mubarak menerima panggilan telefon dari neneknya mengkhabarkan ayahnya dalam keadaan selamat.

Kapal-kapal konvoi telah ditawan oleh ZIONIS dan dibawa ke haluan yang tidak di ketahui. Beberapa ketika selepas serangan, talian komunikasi diputuskan oleh rejim tersebut.

Ya Allah, sesungguhnya pertolonganMu amat hampir kepada mereka. Bantulah mereka ya Allah. Selamatkan mereka. Hancurkan kafir yang Kau laknati itu Ya Zaljalaali Wal Ikram!!!

TERKINI PALESTIN : Konvoi Bantuan ke Gaza diserang

Rakyat Malaysia yang menaiki sebuah daripada enam flotila bantuan kemanusiaan kepada penduduk Gaza diserang kapal perang Israel mengakibatkan 16 orang terbunuh manakala puluhan lagi cedera.

Menurut The Star, rakyat Malaysia itu adalah krew televisyen dari Astro yang menaiki kapal dari Turki.

Sementara itu menurut AFP yang memetik laporan televisyen yang dimiliki Hamas, anggota komando Israel menyerbu sekurang-kurangnya sebuah kapal yang didakwa dipenuhi aktivis pro-Palestin yang berjuang untuk Gaza.

Televisyen Al-Aqsa Gaza, menunjukkan imej video komando Israel yang berpakaian serba hitam turun daripada helikopter dan bertempur dengan kumpulan aktivis, di mana beberapa yang cedera kelihatan terbaring di atas dek kapal itu.

Rangkaian televisyen berkenaan berkata, dua aktivis terbunuh manakala 50 yang lain cedera.
Tentera Israel enggan mengulas laporan itu dan penganjur konvoi bantuan berkata, mereka terputus hubungan dengan bot berkenaan.

Kapal itu membawa lebih 700 penumpang, iaitu peringkat terakhir misi berprofil tinggi bagi menghantar lebih 10,000 tan bekalan bangunan dan yang lain ke Gaza, di mana keadaan di situ lumpuh akibat sekatan Israel sejak 2007

Berikut adalah video sebelum serangan. Laporan oleh krew Astro Awani.

Paparan bahan yang dibawa oleh konvoi :

Rabu, 26 Mei 2010

TECHNOLOGY : Mechanical cufflinks

If you thought micro-pistons were only found in very small cars, think again. These rapid-action mechanical cufflinks are made up of more than 45 micro-components, micro-pistons are just some of them. These super high-tech mechanical cufflinks with their exclusive pushpiece system for easy locking and unlocking will save time when dressing for that black tie engagement – probably micro-seconds.

Made from 18ct gold and titanium, these cufflinks are sure to be the talk of the party – unless you’re too discreet to show them off. Created by high-end watchmaker Romain Gauthier, the mechanical cufflinks comprise micro-joints, micro-springs and micro-pistons (but no micro-price).

And their unique safety system prevents any accidental loss of the cufflinks while wearing them. But we’re convinced that 007 or others of his ilk will find a more sinister use for these fashion accessories.

So, if you can’t think of anything to buy for the man in your life who has everything … we doubt that he’ll have a pair of these.

TECHNOLOGY : Victor builds a better mouse trap

There are two types of mice in the world. Firstly, there’s the Mickey, Speedy Gonzales, Stuart Little and Despereaux type of mouse, which are mostly harmless and a bit of fun. Then there’s the filthy rodent type that causes much damage and spreads disease.
Pest control specialist Victor is hoping the saying “Build a better mousetrap and the world will beat a path to your door” rings true as it releases its "Multi-Kill Electronic Mouse Trap", a device that zaps mice dead in less than three seconds and reloads almost instantly to execute the next victim.
Victor says its rodent-killing device has 100 percent efficacy and is the most advanced rodent control system available in the market. And it’s safer than using poisonous baits which may be harmful to children or pets, as can be standard spring-loaded mouse traps.

To catch the pests, bait the trap with peanut butter or bacon bits and the mice will walk to their doom through one of two entry points, up the lab-tested staircase and into the Shock N’ Drop Chamber. To reach the bait, the rodent must make its way along three electrically-charged patented plates which kill the mouse humanely in less than three seconds. Victor says there are no escapes, ever.

After electrocution, the Shock N’ Drop Chamber automatically rotates and deposits the dead mouse in the collection drawer, keeping it hidden from sight (holds up to ten mice before needing to be emptied). The Multi-Kill Electronic Mouse Trap automatically resets to capture the next mouse. The collection drawer holds up to 10 mice before it has to be emptied.

Fully automated, Victor says the trap has the ability to elim
inate your rodent problem in just one night.
A built-in safety switch automatically deactivates the trap when the door is open and the unique tunnel design means the trap is safe around children and pets (unless you have pet mouse).

The traps requires four C-size batteries (included) which will eliminate up to 150 mice. The Victor Multi-Kill Electronic Mouse Trap sells for US$99.99. The Victor promo video is below.

New Needle : Spiral Eye

Considering that sewing is supposedly a relaxing pastime, isn’t it odd that the very first step in the process – threading the sewing needle – is so difficult? That’s exactly what Minnesota inventor, Pam Turner thought and that’s why she designed the Spiral Eye needle. It’s a sewing needle that allows the user to simply slide a looped thread towards the needle eye where it is caught and then pulled into the eye. Easy, stress-free and so simple - you wonder why it's taken this long to create.

The Spiral Eye needle is made from 100% surgical stainless steel so is suitable for those people who may be allergic to nickel plating. It won’t damage your thread or come undone during sewing, will not rust, snap or break and remains sharp. It is available in a variety of sizes and Turner claims it is the only sewing needle made in the USA.

To thread the Spiral Eye needle, you drape the thread over the needle shaft then pinch it to form a loop around the needle. You slide the looped thread with your fingers towards the eye of the needle. When the thread catches in the slot you stop sliding, and tug the thread into the groove. You then move the thread towards the point and back around the tongue and voila – the thread is through the eye of the needle.

Threading a needle certainly becomes more difficult for people as eyesight starts to fail but even children have difficulty maneuvering thread through the eye of a sewing needle. Turner recalls that her mother “struggled to thread a needle. Glasses resting on her nose, she trimmed the end of the thread, sucked on it, failed to get it through the eye of the needle and re-trimmed it. Sometimes she would curse, "Why can't someone invent a better needle? We've been to the moon for goodness sake." It wasn’t until years later that Turner, when faced with the same frustration, decided to invent a needle that would be easy to thread.

It took Turner many years and multiple conversations with tool and die makers as well as people who worked in the manufacturing industry. When she finally exhibited at the Minnesota Inventor's Congress Invention in June 2008, she realized that those years of hard work had finally paid off – she was an inventor.

The Spiral Eye needles can be purchased as a single unit or in boxed sets. Single needles start at US$5.50, while a set of cross-stitch needles cost US$16. you can even purchase special fish bait needles to attach your bait securely.

Mana Satu Lebih Kreatif

Pada penglihatan anda, mana satu yang anda rasakan kreatif persembahannya?

Bekas ubat gigi kepala anjing ni ke?

Origami bentuk kala jengking ni ke?

Belon yang kena tiup oleh dua orang ni ke?

Roti bentuk kulit muka orang ni ke?

Sosej + spagetti ni ke?

Atau susunan alatan @ perkakas dapur & hidangan yang mirip kepada sebuah bandar metropolis ni?


TECHNOLOGY : Bike Sharing System

The Zurich based architect and designer Rafael Schmidt submitted a new Bike Sharing System to a competition organized within last year’s International Climate Conference in Copenhagen. Quite different from a transporting system, RAFAA’s new design will contribute not only to the stocks and flows of people, but also to its user and to the city itself.

The bike is equipped with a supporting electric motor and a 26V lithium battery to make it suitable for short and long distances up to 15km. The lightweight aluminum frame is made of one piece, thus enabling an easy wiring inside. Most of the components are integrated into the frame or the wheel to prevent theft and damage. Course other safety precautions are necessary. The bike has a computer including a display with integrated GPS and WLAN. The GPS can records when the bike is taken outside of the city limits; if necessary, it can lock the bike by way of the electric drive. A registration respectively a credit or Maestro card is required to release the bike from the station. The card will only be charged in case of theft or damage.

People in Copenhagen will be easy to find such a bike because there are stations everywhere in the center of the city. To use a bike, you have to register in the internet or insert a credit or Maestro card into the bike’s handle bar and log in. The first 30 minutes are free; after that, 5 DKK per 30 minutes will be charged.

Selasa, 25 Mei 2010

Tolong Ustaz Ahmad Qahhar

Errr... kepada Adik Ihsan, maaf belum sempat nak isi maklumat kat sini...
Kemudian heh...