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Selasa, 15 Mei 2012

Pokok Bunga Telang

Bunga Telang Pewarna Nasi Kerabu
1. Nama Saintifik: Clitoria ternatea.
2. Nama Inggeris: Clitoria Flower.
3. Dikenali juga dengan nama Blue Pea,  food dye @ Bunga Telang.
4. Bunga telang digunakan untuk mendapatkan warna biru dalam masakan.
5. Ia akan dikeringkan di bawah sinaran matahari dan disimpan.
6. Masa nak guna di dalam masakan, ia direndam di dalam air dan diperah untuk mengeluarkan warna biru. 7. Biasanya ia akan digunakan di dalam ‘Nyonya dumpling’ (Chang), Kuih Kochi, Pulut Tekan, dan ‘Taibak’(pencuci mulut Nyonya yang dibuat daripada tepung beras) serta apa-apa masakan yang memerlukan warna biru.
8. Warnanya ini adalah asli dan tidak dicampuri bahan pengawet atau kimia.

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Pokok Bebuas / Pucuk Buas

1.  Dikenali dengan nama pokok Bebuas atau pucuk Buas. 
2.  Daunnya mirip bunga raya. 
3.  Baunya agak keras tetapi menyenangkan bagi sesetengah orang. 
4. Daun muda atau pucuk pokok ini boleh dibuat ulam dengan cara merebusnya. 
5. Ada juga orang yang memakan secara mentah. 
6. Antara khasiat tumbuhan ini, dipercayai dapat mengurangkan tekanan darah tinggi. 
7.Bunganya seakan-akan bunga dan buah cenerai. 
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Arsenal Firearms' Double Barrel Pistol

One full payload from the AF2011-A1 can deliver in three seconds what would take a regular...

One full payload from the AF2011-A1 can deliver in three seconds what would take a regular 9mm pistol almost ten times as long to fire, including reloading
It's been a popular design for shotguns for over a century, so why not handguns? With a design that looks like two guns were melted together, the new handgun from Arsenal Firearms is definitely a handful. Thanks to the gun's dual barrels though, the AF2011-A1 Double Barrel Pistol is capable of firing 16 rounds in a span of three seconds by shooting two bullets at the same time. 
Arsenal Firearms produced the double-barreled handgun to commemorate the 100-year anniversary of the Colt 1911-A1, which has been the preferred sidearm of the U.S. Military since World War II. This certainly isn't the first double barrel pistol ever made, but it is the first .45 caliber, semiautomatic one built to industrial specifications. Aside from the separate barrels, the rest of the AF2011-A1 is made of conjoined parts, so that it uses a single slide, grip, and safety. 
It can however be customized to use a single trigger or two separate triggers, so the left and right barrel can be fired independently. Most of the internal parts - firing pins, springs, housings, etc. - are actually interchangeable with standard Colt 1911 parts. The pistol holds 16 .45 ACP rounds split between two columns, which connect to a single base plate and can be loaded like a single magazine. Arsenal says the gun can be handled like any other .45 caliber handgun and is surprisingly accurate, considering its non-traditional design. 

At 15 yards (13.7 m) from a target, all 16 bullets will group in an area about the size of an orange; at 25 yards (22.8 m), that area grows to about the size of a watermelon. The dual barrels also pack quite a punch, with two bullets making up 460 grains of weight hitting a target one to two inches apart from each other, depending on the distance. That means one full payload from the AF2011-A1 can deliver in three seconds what would take a regular 9 mm pistol almost ten times as long to fire, including reloading. Check out the video below to watch Dimitry Streshinskiy, co-creator of the AF2011-A1 Double Barrel Pistol, demonstrate the handgun by firing a fully loaded magazine. 

USS Enterprise

Engineer proposes $1 trillion USS Enterprise
It may not be cheap, but it would at least be enormous (Image: Build the Enterprise)

An anonymous electrical and systems engineer going only by the moniker BTE-Dan has posted surprisingly detailed plans for a full-scale, functioning Starship Enterprise that he claims could be built in 20 years. Though it may be tempting to scoff at such lofty ambition, the Build the Enterprise website (up all of one week) includes specifications, costs, mission plan and funding strategies, all suggesting that a serious amount of thought has gone into creating a real world counterpart to the icon spaceship of the TV and movie series, Star Trek. 

The project appears to be born of Dan's frustration with humankind's present spacefaring efforts. Dan more or less dismisses the International Space Station for its lack of gravity and cramped quarters, describing its toilet facilities as "comical and primitive," and musing how the money may have been better spent. Dan's answer? A full-scale USS Enterprise similar in form, dissimilar in function to that of the TV and movie series; that would operate as "a spaceship, a space station and a spaceport," and be home to a thousand people. 
Anatomy of the Gen1 Enterprise (Image: Build the Enterprise)
Though similar in scale and appearance to the USS Enterprise ("it ends up that this ship configuration is quite functional," Dan writes), the "Gen1 Enterprise" would be functionally very different. Firstly, the main nuclear-powered ion engine (boasting 1.5 GW of power) would strictly limit the Enterprise to intra-solar system missions, being incapable of anything approaching faster-than-light speeds. However, Dan claims that the Gen1 would be capable of reaching Mars from Earth within ninety days, and reaching the Moon in three. Comparatively rudimentary compared to the NCC-1701 portrayed on screen, Dan's Gen1 proposal is somewhat analogous to the real world "Tricorder" we looked at last month, being one imaginary technology scaled back to meet present day technological possibilities - though obviously this is a rather more ambitious scheme. Dan claims that the Gen1 would have ample living space and could generate gravity of 1 g. 
The VentureStar lander design by Lockheed Martin was a single-stage-to-orbit reusable simi...
This would be created by a rotating magnetically-suspended gravity wheel housed within the Enterprise's familiar saucer-shaped section. A counter-rotating ring is also proposed in order to prevent the body of the ship rotating. Dan suggests that the second ring might be filled with water, propellant, or other materials that would be needed aboard ship.

5G WiFi

Netgear's R6300 is one of the first 802.11ac dual band gigabit WiFi routers on the market

With wireless home networks becoming increasingly crowded as more and more mobile devices appear under our roofs jostling for bandwidth, many will be pleased to see the upcoming 802.11ac WiFi standard stepping out from the planning meetings and laboratories and into the real world. Both Netgear and Belkin have announced plans to release dual-band routers supporting the new 5G WiFi standard that will boast speeds of up to 1,300 Mbps on the 5 GHz band and 450 Mbps on 2.4 GHz. 

While Netgear has announced its R6300 Dual-Band Gigabit WiFi Router, Belkin is yet to make any specific product announcements. However, Netgear’s R6300 and Belkin’s upcoming line of wireless dual-band routers will feature Broadcom’s fifth generation (5G WiFi) 802.11ac chip. First unveiled at CES 2012, Broadcom says the first family of 802.11ac chips are three times faster and up to six times more power efficient than their 802.11n predecessors. With the range of the average dual band 802.11n router also decreasing sharply as distance from the router increases, the 802.11ac WiFi standard promises a boost in range capabilities and reduction in "dead spots" through advances such as Beamforming technology that directs content in the direction of the intended receiver.

What does 1.3 Gbps mean for the average user? HD video mostly, as the increased bandwidth ensures that the router can handle multiple devices streaming full resolution video, which could make a big difference in the home filled with iPads and Smart TVs, all connecting to streaming services. In contrast, for power users who subscribe to top tier speeds from their internet provider, an AC router could essentially render your stash of Ethernet cables useless, thanks to blazing download speeds once reserved for wired connections only. 

Much like B, G, and N, the AC standard of Wi-Fi will gradually take over the landscape of home networking. Of course, you'll need to upgrade not only your router, but your various wireless devices to get the full benefits of the shift to 802.11ac. Thankfully, routers built around Broadcom's 802.11ac chip are backwards compatible with all legacy 802.11 standards. 

Netgear's R6300 Dual-Band Gigabit WiFi Router will be available this month for US$199.99, while we expect Belkin to announce details of its 802.11ac compatible dual-band router line in the near future. Source: Broadcom, Netgear, Belkin

The triple barrel, 18-shot Pistola con Caricato revolver

The Pistola con Caricato is a three-barreled revolver with 18 chambers in 6.35 x 16 mm sem...
The Pistola con Caricato is a three-barreled revolver with 18 chambers in 6.35 x 16 mm semi-rimmed caliber (Photo: Horst Held)

On the left is seen the selector slide that chooses which of the firing pins (on the right) will be activated when the revolver is fired (Photo: Horst Held)

The revolver uses moon clip speedloaders to hold the 18 rounds of ammunition, thereby greatly reducing the difficulty of loading and reloading the gun (Photo: Horst Held)

A bottom view of the three-barrel revolver, showing the structure and remnants of a poor p...

A host of unusual firearms have been floated and (mostly) abandoned over the two centuries of largely trial-and-error design. After our recent coverage of Arsenal Firearm's AF2011-a1 double barrel semiautomatic pistol, we wondered if more extreme versions of multi-barrel repeating handguns existed. The outlandish Pistola con Caricato three-barreled revolver is a definite candidate. This revolver was manufactured in Italy during the early part of the 20th century, complete with three barrels and 18 chambers in 6.35 x 16 mm semi-rimmed caliber (.25 ACP). 

While rather more bulky than one would want in a pocket handgun, 18 shots would provide a certain feeling of security in back alleys and dark lanes. The only markings visible on the gun appear in the following photograph. They indicate that the revolver was made in Italy, and was given the name Pistola con Caricato. Caricato is an Italian word meaning either "stuffed" or "caricature" - either definition could apply to this rather strange handgun. After the name of the gun appears the marking "01-CAL .6.35." 

In addition to identifying the caliber of the revolver, the 01 suggests that it may be a prototype, as does the rather sloppy stamping of the characters. If so, it does not appear to have made it into production, as there is virtually no historical record of this gun. There are additional markings in the photo, but they have been worn into illegibility. The view of the barrels from beneath shows that the bluing of the gun has probably been taken off during polishing, which may also explain the worn markings. The 6.35 x 16 mm cartridge is traditional for light pocket handguns, as it is so low in power that safely containing the firing pressure does not require thick (and hence heavy) metal. In fact, the 6.35 x 16 mm cartridge is the lowest power standard cartridge still in manufacture, save for the rimfire .22 short. 

Having a impact momentum about one-fifth that of serious self-defense ammo, it is normally considered no substitute for a more powerful firearm. The revolver has four firing settings and a safety. The selector (above left) allows the shooter to select which firing pin and barrel will be used to fire the gun, and it also has an option to fire all three barrels on each pull of the trigger. There is also a mechanical safety that prevents the hammer from hitting any of the firing pins. 

The Pistola Con Caricato also made an early use of moon clips, as seen above, to load and unload cartridges from the gun. Moon clips were first introduced around 1908, and only became common in revolvers used in the First World War. The moon clips for the Pistola Con Caricato sandwiches the 18 rounds between a holding plate and a firing access plate, through which the firing pins strike the cartridges. 

With 18 rounds that just drop in and the top-break loading design, the gun must have been a quick loader. Little solid history is associated with this handgun, again supporting the notion that it may have been a once-off prototype. It is rumored that this revolver once belonged to the firearms collection of the Smithsonian Institution, but confirmation of this claim has proven elusive. Unfortunately, the Pistola Con Caricato has apparently been sold to a Russian collector, so if you were looking to add a triple-barrel pistol to your collection, you'll probably have to make one yourself. 

Source: Horst Held

TECHNOLOGY : Audi's Wörthersee e-bike concept

Riders can run through five travel programs from pedal-power to electric only
Audi has announced that it will debut a new performance e-bike prototype at next week's Wörthersee Tour car show in the picturesque village of Reifnitz, Austria. Described as a high-end pedelec for sport, fun and tricks, the Audi e-bike Wörthersee features a futuristic carbon fiber frame that houses an onboard computer and a Li-ion battery pack, and carbon-fiber-reinforced plastic (CFRP) wheels - both designed to keep the weight down. The prototype offers five travel modes, ranging from pedal-power to electric-only, and inclusive of two "Wheelie" modes where the power is automatically controlled to assist the rider while the front wheel grabs some air. 
The new e-bike prototype will share Audi's exhibition stand at the Lake Wörthersee car show with 16 current production models, including the new A3, and three new takes on the Q3 compact - the Audi Q3 red track, the Audi Q3 jinlong yufeng - or "Golden Dragon in the Wind" - and the Audi RS Q3 concept. The auto manufacturer says that its new sport bike concept does not fit into any of the usual categories. Audi's designers are responsible for every component of the e-bike, which features a lightweight carbon-fiber frame that tips the scales at a featherweight 3.53 pounds (1,600 g) reinforced only at load points, 26-inch CFRP rims with large-area blade-pattern spokes that weigh just 1.32 pounds (600 g) each and a CFRP swing arm for the rear wheel. All of which helps towards a total bike weight of 46.3 pounds (21 kg) including the swappable in-frame 48V/530Wh Li-ion battery pack. Charge time is reported to be 2.5 hours from a 230V mains supply. The permanent magnet synchronous motor has a peak output of 2.3 kW, delivers a maximum torque of 250 Nm to the rear wheel, has been placed at the lowest point on the frame and drives the bottom bracket shaft directly. 
Development sketch of the Audi e-bike Wörthersee
The e-bike's nine-speed hydraulically actuated gear shift is reported to have a similarly fast sequential action to the R-tronic transmission in an Audi R8. Riders can run through five travel programs including a pedelec mode, where the e-bike is said to achieve a top speed of up to 50 mph (80 km/h) with a range of between 31 and 44 miles (50 - 70 km) per charge. In electric-only mode with a twistgrip controlling the power output, the top speed is 31 mph (50 km/h). Pulling extended wheelies gets some help from the control system, with a "Power Wheelie" mode for less skilled riders that oversees an adjustable wheelie angle, and a "Balanced Wheelie" mode for more experienced riders where the balance is maintained electronically. The latter mode sees the motor either accelerating or slowing down the e-bike as the rider's weight shifts forward or back. 
Hendrik Schaefers, designer at Concept Studio Munich, test-riding an early development pro...
Users can select riding modes, record trick sequences and adjust operation functions using the on-board computer's touchscreen display positioned within the top bar of the frame, which also shows speed, distance, battery level, energy consumption and slope angle. Operation can also be controlled using a WLAN-linked smartphone (an antenna is integrated into the front brake line), that's also used to deactivate the immobilizer. Video images captured by the smartphone can be uploaded to the web or sent direct to an online trainer program. Successful completion of tricks is rewarded by increased ranking and challenge difficulty, and online rankings can be viewed on the e-bike's display via Facebook. 
Development sketch of the Audi e-bike Wörthersee
Detailed sketches for the Audi e-bike Wörthersee
Completing the versatile prototype's specs are hydraulic disk brakes front and rear, upside-down, air-sprung suspension at the front with 5.12 inches (130mm) of travel, LED lighting that's integrated into the handlebar and the seat and the ability to continuously adjust seat height using a control on the handlebar. Vistors to the Audi, VW, Seat and Skoda Wörthersee Tour car show 2012 - which runs from May 16 to 19 in Reifnitz, on the Wörthersee in Carinthia, Austria - can also look forward to demonstrations of skill from trial biker Julien Dupont and women's downhill specialist Petra Bernhard. 

Source: Audi via Inhabitat

Khamis, 10 Mei 2012

WTS : Nikon D90 complete

Nikon D90 body complete
(shutter count 8248)
kit lens 18-105 lens 50mm f1.8
steinzeiser converter wide n macro
speed lite sb600
tripod fancier
bag galas fancier
bag nikon
harga rm3300 nego...
berminat call aku 012-3473532 haziq

WTS : Canon 1000d

【ITEM(s)】canon 1000d 【Package includes】body + lens 18-55 + bateri grip ori canon BG-E5 + 2 bateri ori LP-E5 + memori kad 4g + charger 【Price】1480 【Warranty】1 week personal 【Dealing method】cod / post 【Seller's location】 subang jaya / s alam 【Contact method/details】pm / wassap / 017 3139940 【Age of item(s)】2 years 【Item(s) conditions】8.5/10(getah pemegang tertanggal skit,tgk gmbr) 【Reason for sale】da ade 60d..hehe

WTS : Tamron AF 18-250mm

【ITEM】Tamron AF 18-250mm f/3.5-6.3 Di-II LD Aspherical (IF) Macro Lens 【Conditions】9/10 【Price】RM730 (slight nego) 【Include】cap depan belakang dan filter.. 【Warranty】3 days from me 【Seller's location】Klang, Shah Alam, KL 【Reason for sale】 jarang guna, malas nk simpan stok lense byk2...


URGENT SALES... MURAH MURAH 【ITEM(s)】CANON 20D.. RARE BEB 【Package includes; SEMUA ADA DALAM GAMBO 【Price】rm950 【Warranty】- 【Seller's location】COD SAHAJA/POS-KL SENTRAL/SG BULOH 【Contact method/details】HUBUNGI OR SMS JE TAU...016 623 3610 KHAIRUL SHAMLIE...


【ITEM(s)】 NIKON D5000 【Package includes】 BODY + LENS 18-55MM + BATTERY GRIP + BATTERY + SDHC 16GB + DSLR BAG 【Price】 RM 1700 (NEGO) 【Dealing method】 MEET / POSTAGE 【Seller's location】 MUAR, JOHOR 【Contact method/details】 ALYNN 0176061071 OR PM 【Item(s) conditions】 GREAT 【Reason for sale】 UPGRADE

WTS : Nikkor 70-300mm

【ITEM】 nikkor 70-300mm f4.5-5.6G (non VR) 【Warranty】1minggu 【Condition】 7/10 (ada fungus sikit tp tak jejas gambar 【Include】 cap depan belakang,hood ori 【Area】cod jb sampai ahad 【Price】RM220 firm 【Contact method/details】013-7150676 【Reason for sale】duit

WTS : Sony Aplha 390

Want To sell <-- 【ITEM(s)】 Sony Aplha 390 with 18-200 lens 【condition】 9/10 【Price】 1.2k nego 【Warranty】 nil 【location】 kedah 【Contact method/details】 e-mail ACHTUNG! 【Include : beg, memory 4gb, tripod, battery 2 biji


Jika anda sedang memandu dan tiba-tiba cermin depan anda dilempar telur oleh mereka yang "samdol", jangan pasang wiper atau pancut air . Teruskan memandu dengan apa yang mampu dilihat sehingga tiba ditempat selamat. 

Ini kerana jika telur ayam bercampur air ia akan menjadi seperti susu dan akan kaburkan sehingga 92.5% tahap penglihatan yang memungkinkan pelbagai perkara buruk boleh berlaku. Berkemungkinan anda akan mengalami kemalangan jalan raya, atau mungkin berhenti mengejut di kawasan tidak selamat seterusnya akan menjadi mangsa rompakan. Inilah teknik baru yg digunakan oleh perompak dijalanan. 

Pesanan dari Polis DiRaja Malaysia. (Sesiapa yang dah tak percaya dengan Polis dan asyik kutuk mereka, anda tidak dipaksa mengikuti pesanan ini... tunggu perompak tu yang bagi pesanan kat anda).



Mungkin ada yang menganggap perkara mencuci kencing adalah sesuatu yang remeh dan kecil. Tapi sebenarnya ia sangat penting. 

Kalau kita tak cuci kencing dengan betul, amalan kita tidak diterima oleh Allah. Kita sangka kita dah buat amalan yang banyak, tapi rupa-rupanya amalan itu Allah tak terima. Maka sia-sia saja. Sebabnya, kita tak CEBOK dengan betul. 

Jangan kencing berdiri! Jangan kencing berdiri! 
Sila baca entri ini dengan penuh teliti dan amalkan. 

Untuk kaum lelaki, apabila lepas membuang air kecil ; 
1. Disunatkan berdehem dua atau tiga kali supaya air kencing dipastikan keluar kesemuanya. 
2. Lepas itu urutlah batang dari pangkal ke hujung beberapa kali sehingga tiada lagi air kencing yang berada dalam saluran. 
3. Kemudian basuhlah dengan air sesucinya. 

 Untuk kaum wanita pula, apabila membasuh kemaluannya ; 
1. Pastikan dicucikan bahagian dalam dengan menjolok sedikit dengan jari dan dipusing-pusingkan semasa dilalukan air bersih. 
2. Jangan hanya menyimbahkan air semata-mata. Jika dengan melalukan air sahaja, ia tidak membersihkan bahagian dalam kemaluan wanita yang berbibir-bibir itu. Amalan yang diterangkan ini tidaklah dirasakan lucu atau lucah, tetapi sebagai panduan hidup sebagai umat islam di muka bumi ini, Insya-Allah.

Ramai orang merasakan dirinya cukup bagus dengan banyak amal ibadahnya, sedekahnya dan lain-lain tetapi masih tidak terlepas dari azab api neraka. Saidina Abu Bakar pernah hendak menyembahyangkan jenazah si polan, tetapi tiba-tiba tersentak dengan suatu benda bergerak-gerak dari dalam kain kafan jenazah itu. Lalu disuruh orang membukanya. Alangkah terkejutnya apabila seekor ular sedang melilit kepala jenazah tersebut. Syaidina Abu Bakar mencabut pedang lalu menghampiri ular tadi untuk dibunuhnya. Tetapi ular itu dapat berkata-kata, Katanya “Apakah salah ku kerana aku telah diutus oleh Allah untuk menjalankan tugas yang diperintahkan. ” Apabila diselidiki amalan sipolan itu, semasa hayatnya jelas dia merupakan orang yang mengambil ringan dalam hal menyucikan kemaluannya apabila membuang air kecil. 

Sekian, semoga kita dapat sama-sama beringat dan amalkan.

Rabu, 9 Mei 2012


Manakah lagi kuasa di dunia yang mampu bertindak seumpama beliau. Sedangkan apa yang beliau perkatakan tentang "kesyaitanan" Yahudi (ZIONIST) kian jelas di mata dunia.  Mana pergi kuasa Islam dalam menghapuskan kezaliman mereka.

Ya Allah. Bantulah Umat Islam.
Satukan kami dan perkuatkan kami.


Senang je nak berhenti merokok.
Janji dah berhenti jangan fikir hal rokok.
Mintak dengan Allah agar dapat kekuatan.



Dah kenapa???


Rupanya amalan pemakanan baginda junjungan telah dibuktikan secara saintifik.  Ternyata kombinasi yang tidak sesuai seperti ketam dimasak dengan telur mengakibatkan makanan tersebut mengandungi toksid yang memudaratkan terutamanya pada jangka masa panjang.

Mari kita selesakan diri dengan amalan pemakanan sunnah demi kesihatan tubuh sebagai tanda syukur atas nikmat tubuh yang Allah pinjamkan ini.


Musuh perosak anda.
Mari kita kenali musuh tu.
1. Serangga dalam order Blattaria atau Blattodea.
2. Tinggal di kawasan gelap dan lembap.(celah almari & sinki).
3. Ada 4,500 spesies.
4. 30 spesies dikaitkan dengan tempat tinggal manusia (4 spesies kategori serangga perosak).
5. Saiz terberat 33.5g Macropanesthia rhinoceros.
6. Spesies terkecil adalah Attaphila fungicola, mencecah hanya 3mm.
7. Satu kapsul telur mengandungi sehingga 40 ekor anak lipas!
8. Jangka hayat seekor lipas boleh mencecah lebih kurang setahun.
9. Daripada peringkat penetasan hingga peringkat dewasa mengambil masa 3 hingga 4 bulan.
10.Seekor induk betina boleh menghasilkan 300 hingga 400 ekor  anak sepanjang hayatnya.

A) German cockroach B) American cockroach 
C) Australian cockroach D&E) Oriental cockroach