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Rabu, 20 April 2011

TECHNOLOGY : CoolWare Personal Cooling System

While a special someone blowing on the back of your neck is likely to get you hot and bothered, the CoolWare Personal Cooling System uses a similar technique to do just the opposite. Constructed from anodized aluminum, the device is designed to sit around your neck and blow water-cooled air to help you beat the heat when you can't get inside to some air-conditioned comfort. Looking like it might have been designed by the same folks responsible for Geordi La Forge's visor on Star Trek, the CoolWare could be a slightly cooler than clipping a solar powered fan to your hat.
The CoolWare features two refillable chambers within the arms that store two ounces (57 g) of water that cools air drawn in from the front that is then directed out onto the back of the wearer's neck. The device's inbuilt motorized fan is powered by a single AA battery and has two power settings that can be selected on the rear of unit. There are also two padded neck cushions made from anti-bacterial fabric either side of the device that are designed to ensure the it sits comfortably on your neck.

Under constant use, the water reservoirs will need to be refilled every two to four hours depending on the temperature, and the manufacturer recommends using distilled water and adding a drop of liquid detergent every now and then to keep the device operating optimally.

The CoolWare Personal Cooling System apparently works best in conditions below 70 percent humidity. It is available through The Sharper Image for US$49.99.

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