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Sabtu, 14 Ogos 2010

TECHLONOGY : Individual Washer takes care of sorting and color-coding laundry

What really annoys me about doing the laundry is having to sort through all the colors and fabrics. Especially when - despite my care - I accidentally include something red with all my whites and I’m left with oodles of pink sports socks and tees! A clever design concept from Yali Dai could solve all my laundering problems.

The Individual Washer is an upright washing machine that can sort and wash all your clothes together – regardless of color, material or washing temperature requirements. Hooray, that means no more extra sorting, no more color bleeding and no excess water usage!

The Individual Washer design concept features three compartments that are used for color, fabric and temperature sorting. As the machine can wash all sorts of fabrics and colors together - it means less time in the laundry for you and with less water and electricity usage - it’s great for the environment as well.

The Individual Washer design will let you wash all your laundry together regardless of fabric or color.

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