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Selasa, 8 Mac 2011

Futuristic 2WD Ostoure Superbike Concept

We wish that concept can always throw itself to production, like this Ostoure concept, it is a “super bike” motorcycle concept by designer Mohammad Reza Shojaie and possibly Skynet. The Persian Legend Ostoure (Persepolis) features two-wheel drive, Bluetooth helmet support, HUD indicators, multiple radiators, and an AC system and what more, there can be ‘more’ as this was a prototype design.

If you can imagined how you will ride this beast, well fasten your seat-belt because this can be an airplane like experience. We can still relate Ostoure concept to MotoCzysz E1pc world’s most advanced electric motorcycle, stunning, impressive and you just wish to steer this futuristic ride.

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boleh tertidur atas motor.hee.perlu tangan yang panjang ke nak bawa?